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Need A Little Help With Direct CPV Tracking

So your all juiced up and ready to run that new CPA offer via your newest experiment CPV / PPV Traffic.

Problem is you have no idea how to track where your future conversions will be coming from.

Hopefully the below will help you out.

Direct CPV advertisers can use these variables and pass them to their landing page URL.

Lets Break it down!

  • {{vurl}} : viewed URL

This is the URL your currently being viewed by your end user.  (The full URL listed in their browser address bar.)

  • {{random}} : random number

Just as the description says. Give it a random number if you wish to pass that info.

  • {{keyword}} : SE keyword

This passes the keyword you bid on (target), if the traffic came from your bid target.

  • {{category}} : category

Same as SE Keyword above, but passes the category.

  • {{sm_vurl}} : target URL

This will pass your target domain URL you are bidding on. ( i.e. –

So your landing page would look like below:{{keyword}}&tg={{sm_vurl}}

This setup would pass your keyword along with the target URL you are bidding on!

Go get those conversions!

Matthew J

Direct CPV Tracking

Grabbing Cheap Website Traffic – Like Adwords 2003

So lately a lot of players in the Pay Per Click arena are starting to let the secret out.

The Content Network is a gold-mine if done right. The traffic and competition currently on the Google Content Network is like Adwords back in 2003 or close to it.

Not everyone wants to mess around with theming keywords, conversion tracking, and placement targeting on the Content Network, but it can be a real winner if done right.

The Benefits:

  1. Less Competition
  2. Much Cheaper Clicks
  3. Easier to Direct Link for Quick Testing
  4. Google Doesn’t Care About Your .03% CTR

The Disadvantages:


So what is the answer to making the most out of the Content Network?

Keyword Rockstar

–> Keyword Rockstar <–

* Yes the above is an affiliate link and I will make money if you sign up through me, so what are you waiting for.

But in all honesty, this is a killer program if you can afford it.

It even creates image ads for you automatically for easy exporting into your Content Network Campaigns.

Just think about he ROI if you getting Weight loss traffic for .15 cents or even less.

If you have no idea the power of this program and the Content Network in general, do this:

  • Sign up for OfferVault. (FREE and you should be a member anyway if you run any CPA offers.)
  • Check out the webinars page in your account. (They offer free weekly webinars with big name marketers.)
  • Listen to the recording of the Keyword Rockstar webinar with its creator Jon Shugart.

Then make your decision on whether or not to buy Keyword Rockstar and smash the Google Content Network to pieces.

Till next time,

Matthew J

P.S. – I am currently running a campaign with auto generated Content Network Image Ads.  I used Keyword Rockstar and was up and runing in no time.

Look for my results on this campaign in the near future! I might even share my Niche!!

How Many Keywords for PPC ?

If your like me, you’ve taken almost every PPC/Keyword program and course out there.  Each using their own little spin on keyword research and how many keywords to use for your PPC campaigns.

The PPC Classroom guys suggest one keyword per adgroup and a list of keywords in the high hundreds or thousands.

The Commission Blueprint guys suggest a smaller list of a couple hundred to under 100. The go as far as to say that their most profitable campaign has under 100 keywords.

So what to do and who to believe.  Like all comparisons of this nature: “I believe they are both right.”

Let me explain:

When I first started out with Adwords, I used the Google Cash Method mixed with my own instincts.  To my surprise I made a few hundred clams on a dog training Clickbank product.

Then I moved on and read more and more from all the Gurus.  I think this was my mistake -> it showed in my earnings. The methods these guys teach require much more capital then the average dud or dudette can spare.

See if you are going to have a list of PPC Keywords in the thousands, you need to have a ton of money available to test with. This is a great method to find undiscovered keyword gems, but it is super expensive.

So I went back to the basics and my gut.  Swaying more toward the Commission Blueprint theory.  Start small (I even have a campaign running right now with only one keyword at the moment!) You want to get 300-500 clicks on a keyword before you really know if it is going to produce.

So do the math:

  • Your pitching (OK promoting) a $60 Clickbank product that pays $30 per sale.
  • Your direct linking to test the product viability and get the average 1%-3% conversion rate.
  • So this means to break even your initial bid will be $.30 – $.90 per click. (Don’t bid to low out of the Gate. Google will dislike your ad.)
  • Lets use .$30 per click @ 300 clicks.  This little viability test is going to cost you $90 per keyword.

So yeah! It gets expensive if you follow all the rules.  Of course, I don’t always do this myself, but I do like to hit at least 100 clicks or have lost double the product payout before I scrap a keyword.

If you start small with a high traffic keyword, you can always “Scale The Thing Silly” after you find a winner and make some coin (Think >> More Keywords, Variations on Keywords, PPV/Banner Placements, Direct Mail, etc.)

So the moral of the story is….do what you feel comfortable with! Its your money your flushing down the crapper.  For me, I like to start small and build out! But that’s just me!!

Love Ya!!

Matthew J

P.S. – Commission Blueprint 2.0 is coming soon! Opt-In to my mailing list to get the Early bird link when it launches.  I am still a paying member of their Commission Blueprint Monthly.  You can visit me in the CB forum. Later.

Free Backlink Tool – Steal Backlinks for Google Love

This is a KILLER Bargain (hint: It’s Free).

If you looking for some high Page Rank Backlinks to boost your Google rankings have I got a treat for you!

Chris Rempel has done it again with the Authority Loophole.  In a blatent ploy to get you on his email list ( which is a great newsletter by the way), he is offer a free download that takes advantage of a loophole in the blogoshere.

backlink tool

Being a Rempel fan, I have been waiting for this tool for sometime and it is FINALLY live.

To my surprise, he decided to give it to you for free.

All you need to do is signup for his newsletter and bam you a proud member of the Authority Loophole backlink builder.

There is also a nice One-Time offer for Profit Loophole which I recommend you take part in, but hey not everyone has the cash to burn.

I buy a lot of Chris Rempels stuff and I can honestly say he is one of the real deal marketers out there today.  Way over delivering and under pricing!

Anyway, take a minute to grab this free tool, use the loophole an build some nice backlinks.

Then Rinse and Repeat.

Free Backlinks


Matthew J

P.S. – If you have used this tool, comment on it below.

Learn Affiliate Marketing – Case Study Part 1

I thought it might be good to get back to the basics of Affiliate Marketing for all the beginners out there.

I love case studies and thought what better way to teach something then to let people watch the entire process from the beginning. (Picking a Product, Keyword Research, Tracking and the whole 9.)

So here is how this will work.  I am going to start a PPC campaign promoting a Clickbank or CPA offer and let you peak in on the whole process.

No editing, win of lose you see it all.

Leave me your feedback as comments and I will adjust the course as we go.

If you want, leave some feedback now and suggest a product to promote.

So come back with a couple days and we will be Rollin.


Matthew J

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